Choices :

Choices :

Our unique refill bottles are a great way to start the Everdaily refillable journey.

These bottles are made here in New Zealand from 100% recycled RPET (which means plastic that has had a previous life) that's where the slight tint comes from. However we know plastic is under the spotlight, we know there's a lot that this material needs to answer for, so we thought we'd shine a light on the reasons we chose the bottles we did. 

We looked at all kinds of glass, aluminium and plastic bottles in different shapes and sizes and spent many days, weeks, months weighing up the options.

We tried a number of glass bottles but for the cleaning applications we were using them for we didn't find them practical, when they got wet they were slippery so we didn't feel at ease using them in a tiled bathroom. We also found the full glass bottles quite heavy which makes it difficult to be spraying around for too long.

We knew the usability was vital if people were going to continue to refill. Most important for us was that these bottles wouldn't be single use, especially the components like the Spray Triggers and the Pump which can and should be used again and again.

We chose our bottle because we loved the light, easy to hold shape of it. Because it's not round they also sit easily in smaller or narrow spaces and stack nicely alongside each other.

The bottle material RPET is #1 and clear #1 plastic is readily recycled in NZ so if, for whatever reason, you decide you don't want to refill them anymore they do have an end of life in your kerbside recycling.

If you do prefer to use other materials we encourage you to use your own bottles, or choose to refill another cleaning bottle you're about to finish. Everdaily Concentrate can be mixed with water in any bottle of your choice.

Now, the only decision left to make is Fragrance Free or Mandarin + Basil....

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