For the love of laundry :

For the love of laundry :

Our favourite tips and tricks for your Laundry : 

+ Washing - We like using our Mandarin + Basil Ever Concentrate to give a little fragrance to the clothes. Eight pumps into the washing machine product compartment, using a pump makes for a super easy and mess-free experience.

We've had some very stubborn stains that just needed a bit of a boost before being put through the wash. A quick spray of Everything Spray directly on to the stain helps lift the dirt in a more targeted way.

For a particularly dirty or smelly load a scoop or two of baking soda or washing soda (soda ash) are both great to help deodorise and clean as well as act as a fabric softener!

+ Soaking - Skip the chlorine bleach, the best and most effective way to get stains out of white shirts, sheets or pillowcases is the less toxic and biodegradable bleach alternative, Oxygen Bleach or Sodium Percarbonate. Add a pump of concentrate to a tub of warm water and half a cup of oxygen bleach powder. Swirl round to dissolve and soak overnight. Hot tip: The bath is a great spot to soak large items like bedding, towels, couch cushion covers etc.

+ Drying - Two words, Dryer Balls. A great addition to add to your drying load, they are made of pure wool and heavy enough to disperse the cloths more evenly around the dryer for a quicker dry time. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil directly on to them before drying which provides a beautiful added natural fragrance to your linen.

+ Folding - The sorting and folding never seems to stop and if you're not from the Marie Kondo school of folding the best way to manage it is with a basket for each member of the family and all items get dropped in each basket as they come off the line or out of the dryer. Also have a lost sock bag, super handy to throw in single socks that don't have a pair, at the end of the month grab the lost sock bag and see if any have found their friend. 

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