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The Minimalist :

After the last two years we've had it's hardly surprising that our experiences will have lasting impact on the future. Post pandemic trends occurring now will actually be engrained in the younger generations and follow them through their lifetimes. Some of the tips we're taking through with us;

Buying less and buying better : 
It's all about getting the same value and benefit but needing to buy fewer products to achieve it. Celebrating frugality and becoming smarter with our consumption, buying less = wasting less.

Prioritising health and wellbeing :
Spending so much time at home has shined a light on the fact our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing are all linked to our environment. Every product in our home whether it be a piece of furniture or a bottle of cleaning product needs to come from a place of health and wellness.

Taking time for DIY :  
We always loved a bit of DIY but this was just emphasised even more as we were forced to live more slowly. Learning a new skill, taking time to repair things, or even just looking at new ways we can up-cycle, re-use and refill have all helped us to shift our mindsets and live more sustainably. 

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