Small Space Living :

Small Space Living :

They may be small and in theory take less time to clean but cleaning and tidying is even more vital when living in a small space.

Efficient use of space in our caravan is so important and not just the layout of the space but everything that’s brought into it. We’re always looking for considered items that don’t take up much space, are easy to use and tuck away when you’re done with them.

Anything that can do more than one job is also incredibly beneficial, our dining table folds down and becomes a bed and now one cleaning product can also wash our clothes, dishes and clean the bench. Making all those little daily chores easy just makes every holiday more enjoyable and relaxed.

Tips for smooth travelling:
+ Unpack bags as soon as you park up. Put things away in drawers or cupboards where they belong and then put your big bulky bags away in the car until you're ready to pack up again. It takes things off the floor and makes it feel more settled and like home.
+ Consider every purchase and how it will fit in the space. Our favourite way to get items we need for the caravan is to find them at local Op shops on our travels. Picking up the perfect second hand item at your favourite holiday spot enhances the memories of those things and helps with your environmental impact.
+ The 'clean foot bucket' and the 'bed brush' are two of our other essential items, having a bucket of water at the door to dip feet in before going inside after being on the beach just limits the amount of dirt and sand that ends up inside. We also use a bed brush to sweep out prickly sand and revive the sheets for a more pleasant nights sleep.
+ At the end of your trip make sure you clean up and wipe down all surfaces before locking it up. Keep all cupboards and fridge doors open to ensure air circulates in these spaces and to avoid bad smells and mould. You'll be grateful you did when you open it up again for the next holiday.
+ Having one product in the cupboard that you know can do it all is also a huge help. Something that not only washes clothes, does dishes, cleans benches and windows but is also fume free in a small space and biodegradable for the environment we're holidaying in, perfect.

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