Super Powders :

Super Powders :

We wanted to let you in on our secret to add a little boost to those days where you need a more deep clean. Here are our tips for the two best powders to have on hand to tackle almost any job:

+ Sodium Bicarbonate aka Baking Soda - baking soda from your pantry is the perfect cleaning partner for more stubborn baked on grime or grease in the kitchen or mould and deep-set soap scum in the bathroom.

We use a sprinkling of baking soda and a spray of Fragrance Free Everything Spray to make a fantastic cleaning paste. Depending on the surface scrub clean with a soft brush or for more durable surfaces that won't scratch a wire or copper sponge works well too. 

This is also the perfect combo to clean the oven without harsh chemicals or added fragrance. Using harsh chemical oven cleaners can burn the nostrils and feel toxic to breathe in plus we never feel comfortable using them where your food goes. After using Baking Soda and Everything Spray you won't believe the results. Hot tip: It works even better when the ovens warm.

+ Sodium Percarbonate aka Oxygen Bleach - This amazing bleach alternative not only cleans, whitens and brightens but will also help to deodorise and sanitise laundry. It's also non-toxic, fume-free and colour-safe. Follow directions when you purchase and when teamed up with Everdaily Concentrate it's perfect to be added directly into your wash for a cleaning boost and also makes the best pre-soak. We've soaked yellow stained pillowcases and shirts with yellow collars/armpits and had amazing results. Hot tip: Soak bigger items like sheets, duvet covers or pillows in the bath, there's plenty of space and no mess with sloshing around buckets.

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