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Ever Hand Foam Glass Bottle

Ever Hand Foam Glass Bottle

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Forever running out of Hand Wash?

Combine this bottle with:
+ The Wash Concentrate
+ Tap Water
for a refillable fragrant foaming hand wash

Use this Ever Hand Foam Bottle 350mL to easily mix The Wash Concentrate + Tap Water to make Ever Hand Foam whenever you need it. Use the handy guidelines on the bottle to easily refill every time.

This Ever Hand Foam Bottle is made in China from glass and is kerbside recyclable.

Keep filled bottle out of direct sunlight.

How to use

Fill with tap water and The Wash Concentrate by using the handy guidelines.
1. Fill with water to the first line.
2. Fill with concentrate to the second line.
3. Top up with water to the shoulder of the bottle. Tip: Don't fill higher than the shoulder to avoid over flowing when screwing on the pump.
4. Screw on pump and start using.
Please refill and re-use.
When you run out rinse this bottle thoroughly and pump with water to rinse out pump before refilling again.


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